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His Team Lost, but He Won!

  Leo Staudacher hadn’t planned on watching the Michigan-Notre game on television, let alone in a hospital ICU unit. But he was very grateful to have seen the end of the game at all. The 69 year old Bay City man was watching the game at Michigan Stadium when he collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest, […]

What a Bystander was Taught Saves a Teacher’s Life

When paramedics in Dallas arrived at Sarah Zumwalt Middle School, they found a teacher in the midst of a heart attack. “He was in ventricular fibrillation, a fatal rhythm,” said Fire Department Lieutenant Greg Henderson. They also found that a fellow educator already was performing CPR. Said Henderson, “Bystander CPR is what saved this person’s […]

Ballpark CPR

Ballparks are always a fun gathering place for many people and families. The excitement of seeing your child playing baseball can bring out a sense of pride, and enjoyment. But, as fun as ballparks are, they can also be dangerous. There are many different types of injuries that can occur at a ballpark, one of […]

Safety on the beach

written by Pearl Salkin | What could be better than spending a beautiful spring day at the beach? Kids living at the coast or lakeside have perennially played hooky on a hot May day to enjoy the sand and the surf. Similarly, grandmas and grandpas in Miami and throughout the Sunshine State often find the […]

Paying it forward – Sudden cardiac arrest survivor saves a classmate

Survivors of sudden cardiac arrest usually feel lucky to be alive. Their rescuer was in the right place, at the right time and ready to use their CPR skills to save the victim‘s life.. While the successful outcome of each individual who has come back from the brink is surely something to celebrate, one young […]

Miracle in Marin

The call came in to the Marin County, California Fire Department: “Bicyclist down”. Dispatchers say they get a lot of such calls, usually involving minor injuries. This one was different.   When a fire truck and paramedics rolled up to the scene, a bystander was performing CPR on the downed cyclist, who’d had a heart […]

An Intersection of Need and Know-how

Some might call it a bizarre set of coincidences, while others would say it was divine intervention. Either way, the fact that a 22-month old girl survived cardiac arrest was a miracle directly attributable to the CPR training of a passerby.   The toddler was visiting with relatives in St. Catharine’s, Canada, when the crisis […]

Trained in CPR

You’re never too young to have a heart attack – or too young to save the life of someone who’s had one. Beth Scroggs was only 52 and in good health, riding San Francisco BART commuter train, when suddenly she slumped over in her seat, unconscious. Ms. Scroggs had suffered a cardiac arrest, the leading […]

What is Capnography?

With the 2010 guidelines, American Heart Association now endorses wave form capnography. So what is Capnography? Capnography is becoming an integral part of the monitoring done in the prehospital environment.  A capnograph is used to monitor/measure the amount of carbon dioxide in respiratory gases.  It provides information about the effectiveness of respiration’s, and end-tidal carbon […]

A Life Saved, Automatically!

Bystanders performing CPR and law enforcement officers equipped with a readily-available electronic device saved the life of a 74-year old heart attack victim in Cayucos, California. In both cases, a few hours of training made all the difference. Ben Hunt was having dinner with his wife at a restaurant, when he looked through the window […]

My dad is Superman

The morning of the 3rd Saturday in May of 2008 was not any different than any other 3rd Saturday of any other month for Joe Fernando. A librarian by profession, Joe was also a trained first aid support volunteer. More like a custom out of habit, Joe got up late, prepared himself for the day […]

Survival story of a cardiac arrest victim at work

There is a funny quote attributed to American author and humorist Mark Twain stating that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. Florida resident and cardiac arrest survivor Charles Morgan can honestly say, “Been there, done that!” Morgan miraculously came back from the great beyond. According to medical experts, he was dead for 16-20 minutes […]

Survivor Story of a Cardiac Arrest Victim – Highway to Hell

Robert Hill and his two kids Emma and Jade were driving back from their weekend trip from the amusement park. It was a custom with the Hill family to take a trip the final weekend of the month; only this time Christy, Robert’s wife, hadn’t been feeling too well and skipped the trip. Both the […]

Let me tell you about Alex

If you have never witnessed a person go in to cardiac arrest then consider your self lucky. If you have then you experienced one of two things: 1: Complete helplessness 2: An overwhelming sense to act   Those of you who would relate with the ladder must be CPR certified. If you can’t relate to […]

Survival story of a cardiac arrest victim walking to work

Gas is expensive. Cars carrying commuters add huge amounts of pollutants to our already dirty air. By walking to work, those hardy souls who leave the auto at home and hop into a pair of sneakers for the daily trip on foot are getting some valuable exercise and saving the planet, too. But for one 58-year-old […]

Survival story of a cardiac arrest victim on the golf course

When a weekend golfer lives in an area that gets blasted by winter’s furious snowstorms and seemingly endless stretches of sub-freezing weather, playing a round with a bunch of buddies on a gorgeous course on a warm, sunny day is something to celebrate. But when hitting the ball off the 15th tee is immediately followed […]

Studies: Bystanders Who Know CPR Save Lives!

Written by Tom Sirmons                                                      A wealth of recent research* reaches the same conclusion: those who suffer cardiac arrest are far more likely to survive long-term if a bystander immediately begins proper CPR. That’s especially true when emergency medical personnel are unable reach the scene within eight minutes. BUT – considering that brain damage […]

Extreme Sports leads to a need for Extreme CPR

Josh Garner, Matthew Gibson, and Bert Fox had decided to celebrate their high school graduation together at Josh’s house. His parents were not home so the three teenagers had the house all to themselves. The spirit of fun mixed with alcohol endowed courage led them to try out what Bert liked calling extreme sports.   […]

Survival story of a cardiac arrest victim

Millions of Americans celebrate our independence as they get together with friends, family and gobs of food for a blissful day at the beach or park followed by oohs and ahs at Fourth of July fireworks displays. But for two young women in Michigan with a special bond, this year’s annual commemoration marked the fifth […]

Calling 911 may not be enough to save a loved one

After 10 minutes brain damage is almost certain and non reversible. In other words, your love ones need your help to survive. YOU CAN’T RELY ON OUTSIDE HELP BECAUSE OUTSIDE HELP MOST LIKELY WON’T ARRIVE FAST ENOUGH!

What is CPR

Cardiac arrest is often caused by an abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF).

The Ever-Changing Science of Healthcare

Healthcare is a broad ever-changing science that will forever surprise us with new and improved life-saving procedures, devices, and medicines. We all wish to one day find the ‘Fountain of Youth’, but in reality, it’s the brilliant individuals in the health and science fields that are always hard at work to find the latest and greatest measures to prolong the human life.

Cough CPR

Cough CPR is referred to as a method of preventing a cardiac arrest if you are alone. I do not feel that “cough CPR” should be taught…

The ABC’s are changing to CAB’s

The American Heart Association recently changed the CPR guidelines to reflect five years of research indicating restarting blood circulation is more important…

Can you get sick by performing CPR?

Real CPR is very different from classroom CPR. You come in contact with a lot of bodily fluids when actually performing CPR in a real life situation. To assuage the public’s fear, CPR training now incorporates personal protective gear

“Best CPR course I have ever taken! I learned a lot of valuable information and had fun at the same time. Thanks so much!“ more