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Emphasizing Full Recoil in CPR Instruction is Essential to Saving Lives

According to a consensus statement issued by the American Heart Association in 2010, high-quality CPR is comprised of certain critical elements. These components emphasize that the emergency responder: Minimize the interruptions in chest compressions; Supply chest compressions of a sufficient rate and depth; Avoid excessive ventilation; and Avoid leaning between compressions. While it is clear […]

Crossing the REAL Finish-Line

He was only a tenth of a mile from the finish line of a half-marathon race in San Jose when the 40 year old man collapsed. A Stanford University Hospital nurse was nearby and quickly determined the man had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. She started CPR immediately, and soon, Emergency Medical Technicians from an […]

Miracle in Marin

The call came in to the Marin County, California Fire Department: “Bicyclist down”. Dispatchers say they get a lot of such calls, usually involving minor injuries. This one was different.   When a fire truck and paramedics rolled up to the scene, a bystander was performing CPR on the downed cyclist, who’d had a heart […]

Trained in CPR

You’re never too young to have a heart attack – or too young to save the life of someone who’s had one. Beth Scroggs was only 52 and in good health, riding San Francisco BART commuter train, when suddenly she slumped over in her seat, unconscious. Ms. Scroggs had suffered a cardiac arrest, the leading […]

Survival story of a cardiac arrest victim at work

There is a funny quote attributed to American author and humorist Mark Twain stating that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. Florida resident and cardiac arrest survivor Charles Morgan can honestly say, “Been there, done that!” Morgan miraculously came back from the great beyond. According to medical experts, he was dead for 16-20 minutes […]

Eureka! They Found CPR!

A man in Eureka, Oregon is alive today because two bystanders gave him CPR after he suffered a heart attack. It was shortly after eight in the morning, when a 911 dispatcher got the call: a man had collapsed in a shopping mall. A Fire Department Emergency Response team raced to the scene, and found […]

What is CPR

Cardiac arrest is often caused by an abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF).

The Ever-Changing Science of Healthcare

Healthcare is a broad ever-changing science that will forever surprise us with new and improved life-saving procedures, devices, and medicines. We all wish to one day find the ‘Fountain of Youth’, but in reality, it’s the brilliant individuals in the health and science fields that are always hard at work to find the latest and greatest measures to prolong the human life.

CPR: A Hands-on Approach

Our hands have been known to accomplish many things, but the greatest, is saving a life.

Can you get sick by performing CPR?

Real CPR is very different from classroom CPR. You come in contact with a lot of bodily fluids when actually performing CPR in a real life situation. To assuage the public’s fear, CPR training now incorporates personal protective gear

“My favorite CPR class ever!!! Who knew CPR could be fun.“ more