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Minnesota Board of Pharmacy approves In-Pulse CPR for Continuing Education Course Credits

In-Pulse CPR, Inc. is now approved to offer Continuing Education Credits for all Pharmacist in the state of Minnesota by attending any of our public BLS Healthcare CPR courses within the state. In-Pulse CPR offers Healthcare CPR classes at over 13 locations in the Twin Cities, St Cloud, and Duluth.   View our calendar now […]


  First – Check the Weather Forecast If you enjoy boating, then safety should be first and foremost in your mind when navigating the coastal waters of Tampa, Florida. Before you set out on any boating excursion then, you want to make sure that the weather stays pleasant. Therefore, don’t leave the dock without confirming […]

CPR training Classes now in Spring Hill Florida area

Spring Hill First Aid Training Classes | Brooksville AED Training Classes | 13 class locations to choose from in area

Packing for Camping Safety

  There is nothing more peaceful than a trip to the great outdoors. Being amongst nature is a relaxing departure from the daily grind. Camping may seem, to some, a rather passive activity requiring little forethought. However, this could not be further from the truth. Without proper packing, camping can indeed be extremely dangerous. Smart packing means safe camping, don’t be caught without these essential […]

Are you really safe when you go to the beach?

Swimming seems like such a simple thing. It’s something that most Floridians don’t really give a second thought to. But how do you know when you are at the beach with your family that you are really safe? There are many dangers when going to the beach. For children, it’s probably a good idea to […]

Babysitting and CPR / First Aid

Babysitting is an important job. It requires first and foremost, the love of children, but beyond that, there are many qualifications you must possess in order to be a good and responsible babysitter. Children of all ages have needs that require tending to. You will need to be aware of the different age groups, and […]

Signs of a potential Heart Attacks

If you or someone you know is having a heart attack, you may have only a few minutes to act. A heart attack can strike suddenly, and sometimes without warning. It’s important to know what to do in an emergency. There are many different causes of heart attacks… And there is a lot you should […]

His Team Lost, but He Won!

  Leo Staudacher hadn’t planned on watching the Michigan-Notre game on television, let alone in a hospital ICU unit. But he was very grateful to have seen the end of the game at all. The 69 year old Bay City man was watching the game at Michigan Stadium when he collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest, […]

She “was not responding” to CPR

This weekend I was home watching TV, flipping through the channels, when a program caught my attention. This program was reviewing the case of a gentleman who had lost his wife in a diving “accident”.  They were trying the evidence presented at his trial.  His apparent lack of emotions,  the situation that left her alone […]

Quantity over Quality? Not all CPR classes are the same.

As a former daycare provider, I know a daycare center prides itself on how many teachers they can say are CPR and First Aid certified. When a potential parent is touring and the director can say that a large percentage of the staff is certified…well, how much better can it get? I was certified for […]

What a Bystander was Taught Saves a Teacher’s Life

When paramedics in Dallas arrived at Sarah Zumwalt Middle School, they found a teacher in the midst of a heart attack. “He was in ventricular fibrillation, a fatal rhythm,” said Fire Department Lieutenant Greg Henderson. They also found that a fellow educator already was performing CPR. Said Henderson, “Bystander CPR is what saved this person’s […]

Even First Responders Can Become Disaster Victims, Atlanta Ice Storm Jan 2011

  “I’m trained in CPR and always thought of myself as a first responder and a caretaker of others, but during Atlanta’s ice storm in January, 2011 I was the one who ended up needing assistance”, reflects Dr. Benjamin Albright. The icy parking lot in front of his busy Marietta chiropractic office lay at the […]

Dealing with Epilepsy: A First-Aider’s Guide

There are few conditions that a first aider will come across that are scarier than a classic grand mal seizure. While you can bandage a wound, place someone in the recovery position, or administer CPR, the sight of someone shaking on the ground is extremely daunting if you are not use to it. First, though, […]

Ballpark CPR

Ballparks are always a fun gathering place for many people and families. The excitement of seeing your child playing baseball can bring out a sense of pride, and enjoyment. But, as fun as ballparks are, they can also be dangerous. There are many different types of injuries that can occur at a ballpark, one of […]

Crossing the REAL Finish-Line

He was only a tenth of a mile from the finish line of a half-marathon race in San Jose when the 40 year old man collapsed. A Stanford University Hospital nurse was nearby and quickly determined the man had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. She started CPR immediately, and soon, Emergency Medical Technicians from an […]

CPR Saves Senior Citizen’s Life in Tampa

Written by Benjamin Roussey  An 89-year old man has been admitted, in serious condition, to the burn unit at Tampa General Hospital, following a fire that gutted his home. The elderly man named Charles “Luke” Davis lived on 22nd Avenue South in St. Petersburg where he became trapped by a major fire. Neighbors smelled smoke […]

Safety on the beach

written by Pearl Salkin | What could be better than spending a beautiful spring day at the beach? Kids living at the coast or lakeside have perennially played hooky on a hot May day to enjoy the sand and the surf. Similarly, grandmas and grandpas in Miami and throughout the Sunshine State often find the […]

Paying it forward – Sudden cardiac arrest survivor saves a classmate

Survivors of sudden cardiac arrest usually feel lucky to be alive. Their rescuer was in the right place, at the right time and ready to use their CPR skills to save the victim‘s life.. While the successful outcome of each individual who has come back from the brink is surely something to celebrate, one young […]

St Petersburg College Health Students Wecome to our CPR Training Classes

SPC CPR Training Classes

Miracle in Marin

The call came in to the Marin County, California Fire Department: “Bicyclist down”. Dispatchers say they get a lot of such calls, usually involving minor injuries. This one was different.   When a fire truck and paramedics rolled up to the scene, a bystander was performing CPR on the downed cyclist, who’d had a heart […]

CPR is not something you do on the living

I recently met a woman in a class who stated that she never performed CPR, but almost did.  I asked for more information and found out that she had looked out her front window one morning just in time to see a man collapse near her mailbox.  She said that she “would have performed CPR, […]

Father and Daughter Saved

A Chicago man and his daughter were saved from drowning in choppy Lake Michigan, when fast-acting bystanders pulled them from the water. The father undoubtedly would have died on shore if a rescuer hadn’t put his CPR training to quick use. The 14-year old girl was floundering in waves up to four feet high off […]

Weekly American Heart CPR training in St Petersburg area

In-Pulse CPR is now offering weekly CPR classes in St Petes and Pinellas Park neighborhoods. These public classes offer CPR and / or First Aid certifications for Healthcare (BLS) and non-healthcare (Heartsaver) at convenient locations and times says a spokesman for the company. View St Petersburg and Pinellas Park CPR class calendar now   The […]

An Intersection of Need and Know-how

Some might call it a bizarre set of coincidences, while others would say it was divine intervention. Either way, the fact that a 22-month old girl survived cardiac arrest was a miracle directly attributable to the CPR training of a passerby.   The toddler was visiting with relatives in St. Catharine’s, Canada, when the crisis […]

Trained in CPR

You’re never too young to have a heart attack – or too young to save the life of someone who’s had one. Beth Scroggs was only 52 and in good health, riding San Francisco BART commuter train, when suddenly she slumped over in her seat, unconscious. Ms. Scroggs had suffered a cardiac arrest, the leading […]

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