We receive testimonials like these at every class we teach:

  • Overall the best CPR experience ever!
  • Best CPR class I’ve had in 15 yrs of being certified.  Love real-word examples!

    Mollie is passionate about teaching

    Our Instructors are Passionate about Teaching CPR

  • I had a better explanation with Mollie than any other I have had.
  • Best class I have attended for CPR!
  • Good value, kept students engaged.
  • I have taken CPR at least ten times in my life – this has been the best training and presentation by far.
  • The  instructions were very thorough, interesting, and I learned a lot. The assistants were excellent.
  • The training was excellent.
  • Best CPR class ever, seriously I actually learned and can remember. Great work!
  • I enjoyed the class. Straight to the point.
  • Great job! Good communicator.
  • She gives great examples to help you remember the information. Best instructor I’ve ever had!
  • I loved it! Very thorough excellent material & delivery.
  • Appreciate adult learning style: guide rather than lecture.
  • Mollie was the best I’ve ever heard on CPR. Very good teacher! Very informative.
  • Great Job! Kept me interested.
  • Excellent Job! Loved Bean!
  • Instructor was easy to understand. Very informative – knew what she was talking about.
  • Great pace, liked the explanation of why.
  • Very good – opened eyes – better than Red Cross.
  • Very interactive – dynamic instructor.
  • The time flew and I learned things I hadn’t learned in previous classes.
  • This was great. Everyone should take this class!
  • [Instructor] was exciting and her team was great.
  • Enjoyable for a required class.
  • Best CPR class in 10 yrs!  Great theory.
  • This CPR course went by faster than any other CPR course I have taken.  Fun, interesting & entertaining.
  • Did a superb job applying real life situations into teaching.
  • I will definitely recommend to others.
  • Chris made it interesting with humor and stories.
  • Clear direction and information.
  • Course instructor was very thorough and used very clear and useful examples.

These responses are not unique.  We have hundreds more we could post here.  We also have a survey that we have each student fill out at the conclusion of each class.   The instructor is rated on a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best) on 5 questions.  Those questions are:

1.)  The instructor answered my questions.

2.) My instructor communicated clearly.

3.) There was enough equipment available for everyone to practice skills.

4.) I can apply the skills I learned.

5.) I would recommend this course to others.


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“I appreciated the excellent teaching skills; instructor informed us of the ’why’ behind all that we were learning.“ more