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  First – Check the Weather Forecast If you enjoy boating, then safety should be first and foremost in your mind when navigating the coastal waters of Tampa, Florida. Before you set out on any boating excursion then, you want to make sure that the weather stays pleasant. Therefore, don’t leave the dock without confirming […]

His Team Lost, but He Won!

  Leo Staudacher hadn’t planned on watching the Michigan-Notre game on television, let alone in a hospital ICU unit. But he was very grateful to have seen the end of the game at all. The 69 year old Bay City man was watching the game at Michigan Stadium when he collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest, […]

What a Bystander was Taught Saves a Teacher’s Life

When paramedics in Dallas arrived at Sarah Zumwalt Middle School, they found a teacher in the midst of a heart attack. “He was in ventricular fibrillation, a fatal rhythm,” said Fire Department Lieutenant Greg Henderson. They also found that a fellow educator already was performing CPR. Said Henderson, “Bystander CPR is what saved this person’s […]

Prompt Intervention Saves Lives in Grand Marais

Gary Radloff, a bailiff for Cook County in Grand Marais, MN. has become a local hero in the community. His quick intervention helped save lives when a man who just received a guilty verdict in a criminal case went on a shooting rampage. Two people were shot and two others received injuries during this courthouse […]

Dealing with Epilepsy: A First-Aider’s Guide

There are few conditions that a first aider will come across that are scarier than a classic grand mal seizure. While you can bandage a wound, place someone in the recovery position, or administer CPR, the sight of someone shaking on the ground is extremely daunting if you are not use to it. First, though, […]

Ballpark CPR

Ballparks are always a fun gathering place for many people and families. The excitement of seeing your child playing baseball can bring out a sense of pride, and enjoyment. But, as fun as ballparks are, they can also be dangerous. There are many different types of injuries that can occur at a ballpark, one of […]

Crossing the REAL Finish-Line

He was only a tenth of a mile from the finish line of a half-marathon race in San Jose when the 40 year old man collapsed. A Stanford University Hospital nurse was nearby and quickly determined the man had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. She started CPR immediately, and soon, Emergency Medical Technicians from an […]

Ever considered a career in Nursing?

Since the day of Clara Barton, a pioneer in the field of nursing, nursing has not only become a degree that many strive to attain, but is a very respected career. Nurses are always needed in multiple types of medical settings. Nurses are always in demand.   Nursing is a challenging field, yet very rewarding. […]

Hiking Preparedness

Written by Susan Patterson Without proper planning, a hike can quickly turn into a nightmare. Avoiding unnecessary accidents and incidents is possible with adequate preparation. Remember, it is equally vital to prepare for a day hike, as it is to prepare for a longer journey. Know your route well and always take a friend along. Hiking alone is dangerous […]

Proper precautions and training can prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens

written by Pearl Salkin | If a lab technician at a major medical research center in the United States drops a glass beaker on a counter and it breaks, it’s highly unlikely that any bloodborne pathogen that might be present will find a series of human hosts and cause a worldwide epidemic. Such facilities fall […]

Miracle in Marin

The call came in to the Marin County, California Fire Department: “Bicyclist down”. Dispatchers say they get a lot of such calls, usually involving minor injuries. This one was different.   When a fire truck and paramedics rolled up to the scene, a bystander was performing CPR on the downed cyclist, who’d had a heart […]

Father and Daughter Saved

A Chicago man and his daughter were saved from drowning in choppy Lake Michigan, when fast-acting bystanders pulled them from the water. The father undoubtedly would have died on shore if a rescuer hadn’t put his CPR training to quick use. The 14-year old girl was floundering in waves up to four feet high off […]

Trained in CPR

You’re never too young to have a heart attack – or too young to save the life of someone who’s had one. Beth Scroggs was only 52 and in good health, riding San Francisco BART commuter train, when suddenly she slumped over in her seat, unconscious. Ms. Scroggs had suffered a cardiac arrest, the leading […]

Guarding Life

Live power lines and oncoming traffic didn’t deter a Massachusetts prison guard from saving the life of a man who’d suffered a heart attack while driving. Credit goes to a combination of bravery, fast action and CPR training. Edward Johansen was driving along Route 140 in Norton early in the afternoon when he saw a […]

New Port Richey CPR Training Classes

New Port Richey First Aid Training Classes  |  New Port Richey AED Training Classes At In-Pulse CPR we take pride in our quality of teaching. We use the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide for an interactive, experiential learning environment. We make sure that each student leaves the classroom feeling confident in the skills […]

A Life Saved, Automatically!

Bystanders performing CPR and law enforcement officers equipped with a readily-available electronic device saved the life of a 74-year old heart attack victim in Cayucos, California. In both cases, a few hours of training made all the difference. Ben Hunt was having dinner with his wife at a restaurant, when he looked through the window […]

Survivor Story of a Cardiac Arrest Victim – Highway to Hell

Robert Hill and his two kids Emma and Jade were driving back from their weekend trip from the amusement park. It was a custom with the Hill family to take a trip the final weekend of the month; only this time Christy, Robert’s wife, hadn’t been feeling too well and skipped the trip. Both the […]

Eureka! They Found CPR!

A man in Eureka, Oregon is alive today because two bystanders gave him CPR after he suffered a heart attack. It was shortly after eight in the morning, when a 911 dispatcher got the call: a man had collapsed in a shopping mall. A Fire Department Emergency Response team raced to the scene, and found […]

Studies: Bystanders Who Know CPR Save Lives!

Written by Tom Sirmons                                                      A wealth of recent research* reaches the same conclusion: those who suffer cardiac arrest are far more likely to survive long-term if a bystander immediately begins proper CPR. That’s especially true when emergency medical personnel are unable reach the scene within eight minutes. BUT – considering that brain damage […]

An Angel on Wheels

Angels don’t always appear in mystical visions. Sometimes, they show up on bicycles. During St. Petersburg’s ‘Meek and Mighty Triathlon’, an annual May event to raise funds for St. Anthony’s Hospital, 37-year old Teresa McCoy was about to finish the cycling competition when she noticed a man who’d collapsed on the street. Two police officers […]

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History of Nursing

The formal somewhat standardized training of nurses can be traced as far as the third and fourth century Roman Empire’s Christian courtesans provided houses for the poor, sick, injured and homeless while women slaves provided nursing services.

Sharing a common goal

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What is CPR

Cardiac arrest is often caused by an abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF).

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